I've been recruiting marketing professionals for the better part of four years now and in this short time alone I've witnessed a huge shift in what companies are looking to recruit - everything is now digital first and the need for more traditional marketing channels are demoted to playing the supporting role rather than the lead.

The reason for this is that digital marketing is becoming increasingly invaluable to businesses as an additional (and in some cases their only) revenue stream. Paid marketing, organic, social media and email marketing have all gone through their awkward teenage years of trying to work out who they are and what they want/ are able to achieve in their lives. Now, they are fully fledged adults. They are far more strategic, pragmatic, and most importantly accountable for their marketing actions meaning that you know that when you invest in them, you’ll get the result you desire.

So it’s no surprise that demand will very quickly outweigh supply – we’re all experiencing increasing competition for candidates! My advice – get involved as soon as you can! Businesses – start identifying ways to employ digital experts! It is an investment in your company’s future! Candidates – get yourself skilled up in all things digital. The more techy the better and see demand for you soar!