Most people at work want to be liked. Liked for who they are, what they bring to the job, how they operate, and the results they achieve. The most appealing trait to achieve this status, I agree must be honesty....

Everyone yearns honest feedback: how can they improve, what things are going particularly well, what they add and the part they have to play. Why is it so often it is tough to be honest with it the reaction you perceive will happen, or because you are not entirely honest with yourself?

Being honest and having high integrity are the top ingredients for success. 

However, most importantly for a team to work in a harmonious environment they must be honest with each other.

A team with a shared goal, with members who are honest about how things make them feel, their viewpoint, their concerns and triumphs, is a happy and successful team.

So the next time you have a problem in the workplace, be honest with yourself and others. Be confident and open to deal with the problem before it becomes insurmountable. Communicate openly and you will be respected, feel good and be sincerely liked.