Too firm..too limp..too sweaty.

How is one to get to grips with what handshake to go in with, especially in an interview situation?

People greatly underestimate the power of a handshake, and the effect it has on the beginning of a meeting. 

The one handshake that gets me the most is what they call the "limp noodle". It's often a weak hold and an even weaker squeeze, and for me, this sets the tone for the rest for the conversation.

The limp noodle can been seen as a lack of inner confidence and ability in what you do. I would have to agree with that to an extent. Eye contact and a firm handshake demonstrate to me that you mean business, you are sure of yourself and your decisions. Meeting and greeting with the limp noodle doesn't impress me. 

Now for the perfect handshake.

Make sure your posture is good, reach out your hand, make eye contact, smile and give a good firm handshake. This is sure to start the conversation and meeting off to a great start.