70% of UK employees are open to leaving their job - the question is, what would tempt them to leave and why?

It's not always a question of salary. Most employees in their second job onward are on a manageable salary, but your wages mean more than just how much you are paid every month. Your salary corresponds to your value, and how much you in turn feel valued within your company. No promotion in 2 or 3 years? It's not the money you're desperate for (although of course that holiday to the Maldives is calling!), but more the recognition that your work and effort hasn't gone unnoticed and is being rewarded. 

As a recruitment company, we understand the importance of employee value, engagement and benefits in keeping the workforce happy. When we are speaking to candidates, we need to understand what is important to them - work/life balance? Salary? Flexible hours? Company culture? It's vital to not only know your candidate but also your client and what they can offer. Then you can match-make and marry up your passive candidates to a perfect opportunity to turn them into a very active and ready candidate!