Remember a few years back, there was this post trending on Facebook about different occupations that looked like this?

If you're a passionate marketer, you'd remember the severe pain that came from your eye sockets because you rolled your eyes too often and too hard after being tagged a dozen times.

I do.  

For companies who don't believe in marketing and think they can just find "anyone" to "take care of social media", I'd really recommend you have a chat with talent specialists in your market to understand how your company is losing business  because someone is just "taking care of social media", instead of generating meaningful opportunities that pay the bills.  

For job seekers: a prime marketer is not just about snap-chatting, IG-ing or taking awesome selfies all day long. And no, we are not the Arts and Crafts Department and.... we are technically not qualified to fix printers or emails, but we sometimes manage anyways, because we genuinely love solving problems!

Excellent marketing is a rewarding but complicated mixture of science and creativity. To become a prime marketer/ marketeer, you need to be able to inject some tough technical and personal skills into your personal self. This LinkedIn article from the #FutureSkills series about Marketing is quite to-the-point.

To be an irreplaceable marketer, you need to be:

  1. Strategic 
  2. Focused on Human Relationships
  3. Data - Driven 
  4. A Great Storyteller

Do you know what I find the most difficult? It's not the strategy, not the data and not the storytelling; they are the fun and easier parts you can keep improving. 

The most difficult part of the job is the focus on relationships. Not just building relationships with your clients, but also building relationships with different teams in the company. 

What really makes a marketer stand out in your workplace is your ability to drive influence across the organisation. You need to be analytical not because it's "cool", but it's your duty to provide insights to the business, to your sales team and to your decision-makers. 

You need to be able to speak the language of your managers', your colleagues' and everyone else's, so you can truly succeed in increasing your company's market influence. 

Dear Marketers, be proud of and be passionate about your work. You are as important as you allow yourself to be.