We have seen a growing demand for email marketing talent as marketing automation becomes increasingly important in any company's marketing strategy. 

Despite more and more job seekers putting "Email Marketer" as their job title, Raj Balasundaram, VP Solutions and Strategic Services at Emarsys, argues that "a pure email marketer probably won't exist in the next five years". 

Here are a few things that aspiring email marketers, in Balasundaram's opinion, should really take notes of: 

Ask Yourselves Four Questions: "Who? What? When? How?" 

Emails should not be yet another channel for brands to just dump a mass message to their audience. Balasundaram pointed out a very important, but often neglected, point - as marketers, we need to ask ourselves every time we reach out to our customers: Who are they? What am I going to say (and is it worth saying)? When should I say this? And how am I going to deliver that message. 

Personalisation is not Segmentation only

Admittedly, I found this point a bit eye-opening. But when you really think about it, a personalised note from a friend, or even an acquaintance, has different elements than a general note you receive as part of a "segment". 

Email Marketers need to innovate and truly think beyond a behavioural flowchart or "[firstname]" practice. 


“So far,” Balasundaram said “marketers have been concentrating on the operational part because to get a campaign out the door, it will take them two or three weeks to arrange the data, all the coding, segmentation – which is internally focused, operationally focused. And they actually end up not concentrating on the most important thing, the creative part."

I feel the pain - we are laboured by the technicalities of creating email campaigns. And often we forget the fun part of being a marketer: creativity! 

What I find helps, is to first think about  the Who?What?When?How? and the creative elements of each campaign before we get down to the technicality: the coding, the extraction of data etc.