Coke has put a real focus on the creation of new products/brands to stay ahead of the competition and to navigate through an ever-changing market.

Shoppers are increasingly purchasing items from online retailers such as Amazon, ebay or Etsy and are therefore skipping trips to their local shopping centres. This is negatively affecting brands such as Coke because consumers aren't using vending machines, stopping at food courts and most importantly not seeing their household brands.

Coke have addressed this and honed in on the idea of keeping the customer on their side. Recently, they've started to push away from their core fizzy drinks business and more towards a total beverage company.

In Japan, the company is launching two products a week and pushing them out regionally before it decides whether to roll out wider or shelve the idea.

Staying innovative and tightening up brand loyalty is key to Coke's future growth and other businesses should take note. Whether you're a leader or a challenger you need to explore, innovate and adjust your activities to stay ahead of the competition.