Recruitment is about people; our candidates, clients and colleagues are the most important part of our business, nothing matters more to us then their wellbeing. As we continue to pilot our way through this global event, I think it’s important to share any positive news we have, so I wanted to highlight MiQ who have found ways around the current climate to continue growing as a team. Yesterday was Matthew Marcel’s first day with MiQ. Matt is beginning his career in Data and Marketing Intelligence after graduating in December. Despite the clear challenges presented by Covid-19 and having the whole workforce working remotely, Matt had an amazing first day!

MiQ have been in constant contact with myself and Matt throughout the past few weeks, the internal Talent Team have been really supportive, Allie Keels, in particular, has been amazing, ensuring Matt was kept up to date and making him feel part of the family. MiQ delivered him a computer over the weekend so that he could logon remotely and complete the induction process. Yesterday, Matt got to meet with his team, senior leaders in the business and to sit in on important meetings. When we caught up after his first day he was really excited and hugely grateful for the support that MiQ had given him to allow him to start.

I appreciate that not every business will be able to offer the same solutions as MiQ have to Matt, and I know that a lot of businesses out there are trying to assess what the future holds before making decisions on recruitment. It’s great to see companies like MiQ continue their recruitment drive. They’re not alone either, from video interviews to virtual office tours, online assessment to conference calls our clients are utilizing technology To help them with their recruitment process. 

It would be great to hear about other people’s successes and to hear from anyone who’s experiencing challenges in their strategies, I can share other examples that might be able to help you move forward.

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